Jodinand Aguillon

HOST, Multi-hyphenate Creative Rebel, Pineapple Labs, Philippines

A multihyphenate creative rebel with unmatched energy and personality, Jodinand Aguillon of Pineapple Lab hosts this year’s International Design Conference.

A pioneer of Poblacion, Makati’s arts and creative community, he has empowered many up-and-coming artists and LGBTQ communities to embrace art, creativity, and innovation through the safe space that is Pineapple Lab. He is also the curator of Anakbanwa Creative Residency Project, an artist's residency initiative in Pangasinan that encourages artists and creatives in the area to explore the relationship of their craft to their community, culture, and the environment.


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Session 1


Open your MIND, act with your HEART in the plenary, Designing Future Society on October 14, 2022 | IN-PERSON and ONLINE#IntlDesignConPH