Pamela Cajilig

Co-Founder, Curiosity Design Research & Doctoral Researcher, RMIT University, Philippines

Pamela Cajilig is a design anthropologist who draws from over 20 years of research and consulting experience to collaborate with decision-makers, policymakers, and community actors in ensuring that the voices of marginalized groups are central to the planning, design, and implementation of programs and services within such fields as disaster management, women’s advocacy, community health, and the built environment. Pamela is finishing her PhD at the Disaster Design and Development program at the RMIT University School of Architecture and Urban Design. She is also Co-Founder and Principal of Curiosity Design Research as well as an Associate at the World Wildlife Fund USA where she facilitates training for inclusion and gender equality in natural and nature-based solutions for flood risk management.

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Open your MIND, act with your HEART in the plenary, Designing Future Society on October 14, 2022 | IN-PERSON and ONLINE#IntlDesignConPH