Vince Yamat

Managing Director, 917Ventures, Philippines

Vince is the Managing Director of 917Ventures, Globe Telecom’s corporate venture builder that generates, tests, and develops new business ideas that have the potential to grow and scale fast.

Vince has been with Globe Telecom, Inc. for 7 years as the vice president and head of product management. He ensured the right products and services reached the customers fit to their lifestyle. He co-piloted hundreds of projects that supported Globe's B2C and B2B commercialization.

Prior to Globe, Vince was the General Manager for Entertainment Gateway Group (known now as Yondu), which is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom. In 2006, he founded and started Feedtext, a web and mobile entertainment company in the USA and Singapore. He was also the CEO of UberSoft prior to that. He also held senior executive positions at Information Gateway Inc., Nokia Philippines Inc, Infocom (The Internet company of PLDT), and Pacific Internet.

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